Jerry Medlin started a bookkeeping business in 1974, and in 1978 bought his first computer.  Jerry began writing programs to fill his own need for software, after discovering available software was cumbersome and complicated.  Medlin Accounting Software was born in 1984 as a way to distribute Jerry's software to other businesses.  All Medlin Software programs operate on the principle that an accounting program should avoid computer terminology, needless restrictions on the user, and glacial operating speeds.  "With our programs," Jerry says, "simplicity is the key!"

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Download and installation takes less than 2 minutes, even with a dial up connection.  To start the process, click the 'Download & Install' button on the upper left of this page.  There is no cost to try Medlin Accounting Software.  You can download and test the software for free!

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Medlin Software is compatible with all current versions of Windows
Medlin Software Programs are compatible with all current versions of Windows.  Medlin Software is not supported for use with Linux or Mac.

Who uses Medlin Software?
Small Businesses, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Payroll Service Providers, Churches, Fraternal Organizations, anyone needing affordable easy to use software.
Guaranteed compatible checks, statements, invoices, payroll tax forms, 1099's, MICR supplies, printable catalog, and more.  Free sample forms are also available from

Considering Medlin Payroll as a replacement for Quicken® or QuickPayroll™?
Medlin Payroll Software can fill the need of many who are looking for payroll software to replace the discontinued QuickPayroll™.  Medlin Payroll can export net paycheck figures into the QIF format, which CAN be imported into Quicken® (contrary to documentation provided by Intuit®).  Our 052/785 check form is compatible with the checks (one check per page) you may be using with Quicken®.  You can view a sample of the check using this link.